Why choose a regular barcode

It is recommended to use a regular UPC barcode, after all, the price is very cheap. The use of the UPC code or EAN code generated by the generator will face problems such as product removal, account closure, etc. caused by the barcode being duplicated.

amazon upc code slider 1
  • Legal authorization to protect your rights
  • Reasonable price, genuine does not repeat
  • Multiple format files for the best print quality
  • Security certificate
  • Excel and PDF spreadsheets for easy reference
  • Fully available for Amazon, ebay, Walmart e-commerce platform, Cdiscount, google Shopping, etc.
Upc code sold
GetUPCCodes has provided customers with 480,000 barcodes
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is the purpose of our service, the survey shows that 99% of customers are very satisfied
At present, as many as 8,632 customers have purchased barcodes from GetUPC.
Support Platform
It is our goal to provide usable barcodes. The current barcode can be used on at least 9 platforms.

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