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Do I need a UPC code for every new product on Amazon?

Usually at various sites in Amazon, if you do not have a GCID code, then each product on the shelf needs to correspond to a UPC code or EAN code. If the product was created by another seller and you want to follow it and sell it below, then you don’t need a UPC code

Do you have an upc generator to download or buy here, I want to use it for Amazon products.

Hello, we don’t have such a UPC generator. It is recommended to use regular UPC barcodes on Amazon. The overall price is also very favorable. You can refer to this link – UPC barcode

How can I verify that the UPC code or EAN code I obtained is true and valid?

You can verify by visiting the official GS1 website, their link address is:

Simply enter all your UPC or EAN codes

Why does UPC show a single digit (1 character left) when uploading products from Amazon?

Under normal circumstances, it is 12 digits. You can add a 0 in front of the UPC code you filled in. This is just a setup issue for Amazon.

US Amazon Excel template received a prompt when bulk loading: upc is prompted to be wrong

This is generally the reason for the Amazon backstage itself, they are developing very fast, but there are also some problems. You can take the following three measures. According to the experience of other sellers, it is very effective.

1. Change the time to load the goods.

2. On the web page.

3. Turn upc into ean code

Can I purchase the upc barcode starting with 69?

Hello, our UPC barcodes are shipped randomly from the database. The possible barcodes start with 71, 70, 73, etc. It is not guaranteed that you can get the barcode starting with 69. The bar code at the beginning of 69 is best applied through the National Compilation Center.

What is the difference between Amazon's upc code and ebay's UPC code?

There is no difference between the two. The UPC code you use on Amazon can also be used on ebay or other platforms.

Some upc are very cheap, why are your prices so high?

Although I don’t know if the upc you see is genuine, in most cases it is generated directly using the upc generator, but our upc is genuine, no need to worry about barcode conflicts and duplicates, a repeated upc brings you The loss is not enough for hundreds of upc, I hope you will consider using the genuine upc barcode directly.

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